Our goal in filming is to let the audience feel what it is like to be in a race car as it speeds down the track in ways that normally able people have never experienced before. 

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Pure-Acceleration Movie Poster by El Chachos
Movie Poster by El Chachos


Article Describing Documentary (PDF)

Storyboard For film

Filmed September 7-8 at Barona Drags.


"I want the film to be a visceral sensory experience about a visceral sensory experience." - T-Rex

1888PressRelease 9/4/2013 we will be issuing a press release about the project

We now have a first trailer for the documentary

Here is a clip of Jeff, our blind star, having a great time

It gets better, but you will have to wait for the film to see the rest.

We Added Drive The Car and Associate Producer Rewards to kickstarter
This Could Be You

Thanks to you, we finished filming Sunday, we got some amazing footage! We funded in just 10 hours!

We will be filming a blind man, a deaf man, and several normally able (blindfolded) people speeding down the drag strip in a record breaking electric car for our documentary.

You have enabled us to tell this important story. Thank you! Check out our stretch goals. We have a lot of stretch goals, but that is not as important as bringing as many people into this amazing project as possible, so please share our project with others.

How did we get here?

I decided to take my car racing and invited my friends and family.  A friend of mine, Stacy, told me about her friend Jeff, a blind man who has always wanted to ride in a race car.  I invited Stacy to bring Jeff for a ride, and the next thing you know:

Pure Acceleration - A Documentary on Perception

What started out as a friends and family day at the races turned into something important; then became something thought provoking that we want to share with you.

We are going to answer the question "What do you get when you put a blind man in a record breaking electric car?" We think the answer is Pure Acceleration.  We will also answer the question “What happens if we put a sighted person in the passenger seat with a blindfold on?”  Then we have a documentary about perception, not about fulfilling a blind man's bucket list item, even though that is awesome all on it’s own.  This will be a short documentary, of about 30 minutes.  We already have a great crew working on the project including award winning filmmakers.

Our Backers Will See it FIRST!

We are planning on shooting the whole thing at the track.  Our target film dates iare Sept 7-8. We will then edit and when we finish we will deliver it to our backers before we even start submitting it to film festivals!

Where does the money go?

To make this documentary happen, certain things have to happen: transporting the racecar, rent a generator, entry/racing fees for the cast and crew, descriptive closed captioning, and descriptive audio for the blind. This all cost money, and due to these expenses, we’re asking $425. Not a bad price considering what we are doing.


Story Board Plan

Your goal is less than some of your reward costs, what’s up with that?

We have a lot of stretch goals. The more we raise the better quality film we will be able to make and the more people we will be able to reach. Some of our immediate stretch goals are:

* An RV rental at the track
* Film festival fees ($40-$80 per festival)
* A spare set of tires
* Rental of lot for drifting exhibition and reactions from blind / blindfolded participants
* Blu-ray release  

Who is on the Team?

Jessica Jurges

Director / Chief Camera Operator
Michael Tyrannosaurus Kadie, SSI-Racing Producer / Race Car Driver
Ben Kadie, Ben Kadie Films Award winning film maker
Roger DerryBerry, The Project Studio Award winning documentary filmmaker
El Chachos Graphic Designer - Movie Poster and Tee-shirt
Urban Chemistry Recordings Music

I've got skills can I help?

Yes. Here is a link to the living people and skills wanted / vs have. It is not complete. If you have skills that are not on the list or see something we are missing comment on the document or emal us team@Pure-Acceleration.com

Who is Michael Tyrannosaurus Kadie? 

First my middle name really is Tyrannosaurus. Mom was a hippy and dad was a business prick. I have a genius level IQ, am a software engineer by training, an inventor by nature, and a pretty nice guy. In the early 90’s I built 2 devices that spoke for 2 children that couldn't; which I doubt I’m going to top. I was part of a DARPA grand challenge team in 2005, started building my first electric race car in 2006, and set my first world record in her in 2007. I also have one movie credit, a TV series, and was featured in an article in the New York Times. Now you know a little bit about me, but there are so many more behind this project.

We want to thank everyone that supports our project! 

We are really excited about this project that seems to have just dropped into our laps and we need your help to properly tell this story. One of the cool things about crowd funding this project is that everyone who supports us becomes part of this fascinating story. We don’t just want your financial support, we want you to spread the word so that we can reach as many people as possible which is why we are asking for $1 backers at this time. Thank you for your support!

Risks and challenges

Our two biggest risks are weather and mechanical failure. If we have weather problems, which is unlikely in San Diego, we will reschedule. If something breaks on the race car we will try to fix it. Electric cars are very reliable and race cars are very unreliable.



contact us email to team@Pure-Acceleration.com