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Thanks To All Of You!!



Jessica Jurges, BC

Director / Chief Camera Operator
Michael Tyrannosaurus Kadie, SSI-Racing Producer / Race Car Driver

Ben Kadie, Ben Kadie Films

Award winning film maker
Roger DerryBerry, The Project Studio Award winning documentary filmmaker
Mark Merlino, LB Sound
El Chachos Graphic Designer - Movie Poster and Tee-shirt
Urban Chemistry Recordings Music
Aaron Nutten Race Crew Chief
Barona Drags Great venue for racing with great staff and racers. Always a fun day for the family.
The Racers Store Lots of great racing information and advice. Also supplied passenger helmet.


Joshua Nabielski
Rackmounts Etc
Willow Rossetti-Johnson
The Rittbergs
Nanci Vaeth & Carl M. Kadie
The Theorin Family
Joseph S. Gottlieb
carolyn ray
Barb Parcells
Eric Brace
C. Colby Thomson

Mothers Polishes

Sara Gray


Pure-Acceleration Movie Poster by El Chachos
Movie Poster by El Chachos


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